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Singapore Photobooks and Zines Review 2017

By Lee Chang Ming

[Lee Chang Ming is a photographer and writer based in Singapore. He runs Nope Fun.]

Here are a selection of photobooks and zines by Singaporean photographers/artists:

Nguan: How Loneliness Goes

One of my personal favorite photographers for the longest time, Nguan’s How Loneliness Goes is 48 paged, cloth bound and features 27 pictures.

How Loneliness Goes documents life in Singapore, as seen through Nguan’s subtle and quiet aesthetics. Something about the images speaks about solitude, yet provides a sense of solidarity… perhaps it’s just like that Star Anna’s song, We’re All Alone in This Together.

The first edition of this photobook was published in 2013. This series is also currently being exhibited at FOST Gallery in Singapore. Perhaps an interesting comparison/exercise to see how the series translates across different mediums.

How Loneliness Goes

Marilyn Yun Jun: Like Buttermilk Sky 

Like Buttermilk Sky is a black and white Risograph photobook by Marilyn Yun Jin. Her cinematic and emotive images form a narrative into the inner worlds of those around her, retold through her lens.

She also co-founded a Risograph and publication studio called Knuckles & Notch, which is a great space for anyone who loves printed matter.Like Buttermilk Sky

Genevieve Long: Secrets 

Secrets is a palm-sized publication by Genevieve Leong. The 32-page self-published photo zine celebrates the quiet moments: unexpected geometry in high-rise buildings, blooming bougainvilleas, a moment of solitude.



Singapore-born Tokyo-based photographer ND Chow, perhaps best known for his portraits of cultural icons, re-looks his humble beginnings in this collection of images taken while travelling around the world for 2 years in his younger days.

Contemplative images with an undertone of yearning. Yearning for moments long gone; longing for genuine connection with strangers that perhaps only lasted for the split second when the shutter was pressed.